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Software Update: September 14, 2018

Updated: Sept 14, 2018

This software update is all about bug fixes. The next release will be feature heavy 😉

Main improvements:

  • Touch buttons no longer triggering false button presses
  • Cards will no longer pile up on the display


We've spent quite a bit of time tuning the touch bar sensitivity, and have finally settled on a balanced setting where we've observed no phantom false button presses, while still being sensitive enough to detect actual button presses.

Resolving the issue where a bunch of cards would pile up on the display over time took some work as well. The main challenges were:

  • Creating a mechanism to inform the display manager that a card should be deleted when the card process crashes
  • Implementing removal of cards in the display manager
  • Making the display manager able to handle the re-ordering of the remaining cards

Please let us know if you still experience these two issues!

To upgrade your Oboo's software run:
sh /etc/cron.week/

Let us know if you have any issues!

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