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Software Update: July 31, 2018

Updated: July 31, 2018

A quick update today regarding to the optimization of gesture and touch buttons. We are able to resolve the conflict between the sensors and as a result touch button can now work as expected. This also allows us to re-enable the timer card witch requires touch button input.

We have also changed the weather card background to black. Let us know if you guys like it better.


to update Oboo software run the following command:

sh /etc/cron.week/


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[Software Update: July 26, 2018]


The black weather card is a lot better. I actually discovered with the July 26th update that if I manually loaded the timer the background of the weather card would turn black. Might I suggest that the app or config file take a hex value for card background and perhaps the foreground/text color?

It would be very nice to have a setting that would flatten all colors to shades of black and white for color blind people and interface testing for such.


Thanks for the suggestion. we will take configurable background color in to consideration.


Color blind mode is might get a little more complex. It requires a modification in the display engine. I will put it in the feature wishlist.