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Software Update: July 26, 2018

Last Update: July 26, 2018

What is this Release About?

This release is all about the Weather Card! It addresses the following:

  • Configuration for weather units and time format
    • Updated weather card relies on a configuration file to set Location, weather units, and speed units
  • Card processes restarts without clearing existing card on display
    • The weather card should be much more stable now
  • Weather Card visual redesign:

The Procedure

1. Update the Software
Make sure you're connected to the internet and perform the regular software update process:
sh /etc/cron.week/
After this finishes, you should see the redesigned weather card!
If you don't see the redesigned weather card, you may need to restart the card process manually:
/etc/init.d/card-manager restart ; /etc/init.d/oboo-cards restart
2. Generate a Config File
You'll need a config file to change your card's settings, so run:
oboo config generate
This will create your config file at /etc/config.json
3. Edit the Config File
The config file is JSON so it should be straight-forward to edit.
Open up /etc/config.json and you'll see the configuration for the weather card
You can change the following:
  • location
    • This text location is converted to a WOEID, if you're encountering issues, try checking if the WOEID you're using is valid
  • tempUnit
    • options are fahrenheit and celsius
  • distanceUnit
    • options are imperial and metric
Restart The Cards 
Need to restart the cards for the changes to take effect:
/etc/init.d/card-manager restart ; /etc/init.d/oboo-cards restart

How Can I Help?

Install the software updates and then let us know what you think and if you see any strange behavior!

What color is the new weather card supposed to be on the background?  Mine is a really light rose color that makes it hard to read from most viewing angles with this LCD

We thought it's cool to add some color to the cards. If you guys think white text on black background works better we can revert back to black background.

on a separate note what do you guys think about the new weather card layout and the curve effect on top of the card?

I darkened the background and I like the layout.  The lady of the house disagrees. so split vote here.


I can't seem to find the 'oboo' command to create the initial config.json

What am I doing wrong?




You might not have the latest software, try running

sh /etc/cron.week/

and then trying again.


If that doesn't work, try

opkg update 

opkg install --force-reinstall oboo-clock-scripts