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Software Update: August 10, 2018

Updated: August 10, 2018

A quick update today! We've added an audio manager to the Oboo Smart Clock

What it does automatically:

  • Enables the Amplifier and configures the source selection to Bluetooth
  • What this means for you:
    • Your Oboo will be ready to play Bluetooth music as soon as it boots

What it can do if you ask nicely:

  • Change the audio volume
mosquitto_pub -t '/audio' -m '{"cmd":"volUp"}'

mosquitto_pub -t '/audio' -m '{"cmd":"volDown"}'
  • Start the Bluetooth pairing sequence (this will disconnect any connected devices)
mosquitto_pub -t '/audio' -m '{"cmd":"btPair"}'
  • Select the audio input source - the choices are Bluetooth or the Omega
mosquitto_pub -t '/audio' -m '{"cmd":"source", "value":"usb"}'

mosquitto_pub -t '/audio' -m '{"cmd":"source", "value":"bt"}'

To update your Oboo's software run the following command:

sh /etc/cron.week/

What's Next:

  • Some users have reported that cards pile up after Oboo has been running for a while. We're focusing on resolving the crashing card issue, expect something for this in the next update.
  • A Music card to make use of this nice audio manager

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