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build-in Hard- and Software


can you tell us a little bit more about the build-in Hard- and Software? Which gpio pins are used for Sound, LCD, Wifi and so on. Or which services are run on the Omega2.

Is it planned that we can test the smartphone app?

Here are some general pointers to the main parts of the Oboo


  • GPIO3: enable / disable audio subsystem
  • GPIO41: switch between internal vs BT audio mode
  • GPIO18: turn LCD on / off

Audio Control: for details refer to [Low level interaction with audio subsystem]

Services: The Oboo software is designed in a modular fashion so there are a number of services running. They are responsible for managing the display, audio, input (gesture and touch button) and individual card operations. You probably have noticed there are many instances of ort. We call it the Onion Runtime, it is a supper lite version of javascript runtime developed internally at Onion. This allows us to create most of the cards in higher level language without sacrificing performance.


Finally the app. If you take a look at the [Roadmap & Bug Report] post you will see we have prioritized the mobile app to be the next thing to work on. We will have a basic version of app soon. Stay tuned.