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Low level interaction with audio subsystem

Enable Audio

gpioctl dirout-high 3

Disable Audio

gpioctl dirout-low 3


The following requires stty tool. To install use

opkg update

opkg install stty

If the package is not found you may need to uncomment the following line from /etc/opkg/distfeeds.conf

src/gz reboot_packages


#set baud rate
stty -F /dev/ttyS2 115200


#volume up
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xed\x13\x00' > /dev/ttyS2

#volume down
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xec\x14\x00' > /dev/ttyS2

#play / pause
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xf0\x10\x00' > /dev/ttyS2

#previous track
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xee\x12\x00' > /dev/ttyS2

#next track
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xef\x11\x00' > /dev/ttyS2

#enter bluetooth paring mode
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xe7\x19\x00' > /dev/ttyS2

#bluetooth mode
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xea\x16\x00' > /dev/ttyS2

#internal audio mode
echo -n -e '\xff\xfe\xe8\x18\x00' > /dev/ttyS2


When Oboo is put into internal audio mode it is able to play mp3 files using tools such as mpg123

Let me know if anyone would like more detailed instructions regarding to internal audio mode


thanks a lot for this Zheng Han...

did you guys decide to abandon i2s? and put a PCM in it? or am i mistaken

we did this on our design because we couldn't get i2s working reliably...

anyhow... thanks a lot... any hints on the screen? or should i keep browsing the posts a bit more...

thanks, tony

keep up the good work, just got my clock in, it's really beautiful... (sounds great too)