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WiFi Questions


I have a few questions about configuring the Wi-Fi interface.


I have my clock connected to my home Wi-Fi network and now I don't want the native AP as either a security vulnerability to my network or a noise source impacting the bandwidth of other Wi-Fi networks.


Ideally, I would love to disable the native AP.  However, if I ever make a change to my home network, that would brick the Oboo as it would leave me with no way to configure it to the new network settings.

I checked and the Wi-Fi reset that can be done through the system card only resets the client settings, not the AP settings for the clock.


Not wanting to be locked out of my clock, I instead at least attempted to secure the native AP.

uci set wireless.ap.key="<A Secure Secret Key>"
uci set wireless.ap.ssid="<A Non-Default SSID>"
uci set wireless.ap.hidden="1"
uci commit

This worked as expected.


Now, I want to reduce the AP's impact on other Wi-Fi networks.

The wireless chip/antenna in this thing is very powerful.  I get a stronger signal from the clock than I do from my home network in most places in my house.

It also is operating in high throughput mode, consuming two channels (40 MHz).  This wouldn't be an issue except that it is not compliant with the standards that are supposed to allow different APs to negotiate use of bandwidth.  As soon as this AP turns on, all the other networks in the area (which are standards compliant) have to turn off their high throughput modes to avoid conflicts.

How do I turn down the TX power of the Wi-Fi system and force it out of high throughput mode?

uci set wireless.radio0.htmode="NOHT"

uci set wireless.radio0.chanbw="20"

uci set wireless.radio0.txpower="2"

uci commit

Made no impact, nor did setting htmode to "HT20" or "20" or "NONE" or removing the entry altogether (the default value was "HT40").

Can you please provide guidance for working with the Wi-Fi chip in this device?

I have been working from

I know the Onion software is based on OpenWRT, but it seems that not all options/features/settings were ported 1=1.

I too was thinking about how to turn off something unnecessary as the wifi server.

Still not 100% sure what I'll do but I was thinking of either killing it something like 5 minutes after boot or at specific times like at 11:00 and 23:00.

That way the server will be back after a reboot but if I don't need it it will be gone after a view minutes or hours.

I think the idea of turning off the Wi-Fi after a delay is a great idea until something more official comes along!

I'll see if I can get something along those lines working; if so, I'll post it here.