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Resetting to factory settings


I have an Oboo clock that seems locked up.  The time is correctly displayed, but all the senor lights on the top are on and do not respond to touch.  Additionally when I try to connect to it via Wi-Fi, and it shows as a connection point but eventually time-outs with no internet connection and the page can not connect to the device.

So what/how do I reset it to factory settings?


Jim Ballantine

likely to start with you need to reboot it.  the switch on the back is easiest.  if you have the wrong version of the firmware there is a defect where it keeps launching alarm.js via ort every minute and overloading the device with all of them eventually.

once you reboot log in as quick as you can and then execute:

echo '#' > /etc/cron.minute/

reboot again.

if that doesn't work pop onto and we'll see if we can get you squared away.

I've tried the reboot, and it didn't work.  Sometime I get the Oboo logo on the mail screen and other times it just displays the time.  Additionally, the wifi indicator on the small screen doesn't appear, and when I check my router it shows the oboo-clock-XXXX as a device but the status is inactive.  I can connect with bluetooth, but is very shortly disconnects.

Can you SSH to the clock?

No, the wifi seems to be off.  There is no wifi symbol displayed on the screen, and when I look at devices on my router it shows the Oboo-Clocl-XXXX as inactive.  I was able to partially reset the clock using the information shown in the Shutting down the Omega chip Wi-Fi (the correct way) post, but no wifi.

Does a hw rst (gpio pin rst) just reset the hardware without affecting the software?  Is this a possible solution?


the HW rst pin should rest you to the very initial software configuration wiping out all changes and customizations.

Thanks,  just to be sure, I should ground the HW rst to ground on power on and hold it for 10 sec?

that sounds like what I recall.  you can always check against the Omega2S documentation.

Thanks, that is what I thought just wanted to double check before I bricked something.  The Oboo clock uses the Omega2S+, or that is what Frank Han wrote in "Shutting down the Omega chip Wi-Fi (the correct way)" and I can't seem to find anything about that module.  To quote part of the post "It has a few more UART than regular Omega2+".

Just FYI.


Thanks again

Mouser has the data sheet. only has it behind registration.