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Possibly bricked it

I have reviewed other posts regarding recovering the omega2S+ however,  most have to do with gaining access through wifi,  which mine has stopped producing.

Generally speaking

  • I decided to upgrade the omega firmware to the newest OS from the general onion site (not from oboo clock distributions)  which I realize now may have been a bad thing to do.
  • The unit still powers on and off via the power switch and battery still functions and holds a charge.
  • All lights on the top are lit solid and do not respond to presses
  • Do not see any activity from using motion sensor
  • After removing front cover, I can confirm the LCD is at least backlit
  • I have confirmed the 3.3V on the omega chip.
  • The LCD remains completely black,  no activity whatsoever.
  • The clock is showing a time,  that appears to be semi-accurate, as in keeping time when it is powered on.
  • The Omega DOES NOT present any Wifi
  • I never 'turned off' the Wifi service previously.

Before I go bricking it any further,  I was wondering if there was a method for reinstalling firmware on the chip, or recoving it.  I do see references to factory reset,  which I can try but before I do that it wasn't clear which pin (HW RST) or (SW RST) I should try and wether I should ground it or power it,  and if it needs to be done prior to applying power,  especially with the battery backup in play.

Is there a USB recovery method?  I do not see any pins or header I can use to communicate with the chip in side the unit (only front cover removed).

I have some experience with the stand alone onion products, but due to the SMT  and the fact that my onion experience got me into this mess in the first place,  I was hoping for some guidance as to my next steps,  or if I may be out of luck intil my production model shows up.