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Oboo Smart Clock from KickStarter - NON Maker version

I have the non maker version of the Oboo Smart Clock.

There are no forums for them, only the maker version.

My Battery Icon is always blank even when obviously charged.  The weather card keeps saying 25 degrees.  The Wifi password can not be changed on it.

Is there anyway I can trade this in for a maker model so I can go into the software and fix this mess myself?  If I knew they would release with near NO planned functionality, I would never have ordered.


The Onion Omega was a good kit easy to play with but this, this was supposed to have been a finished product.  This isnt even in alpha stage.

Without access to shell I have a digital clock and bluetooth AI Assistant, the setup card does nothing as far as I can tell aside from putting up a message that, hey your in setup mode.  The Wifi Disconnect doesnt disconnect and the update, just puts up a notification that says your updating....even when there is no update and the notification does not go away until you reboot the Oboo.

Again, if I had access to shell likely I could manually go in and edit the scripts to make this work as intended for what is there....also I could make scripts for timers and alarms so I can access them PROPERLY from my phone, not from a stupid webpage with a default password, on a blatantly obvious SSID.


This "Smart Clock" may have a brain -- but has a pre-kindergarten level of firmware that completely fails to deliver on the majority of features promised in the Kickstarter campaign.   Even setting the time and the function of the Bluetooth speaker are a challenge to operate.

Is the capability to update even functional?  As expressed by the OP, The ability to unlock the shell would be some consolation.

To say this product is a disappointment is an understatement.

A group of frustrated backers (including myself) have already started fixing some of the issues:

In the external-tools folder in that repo is a script for enabling SSH on the non-maker editions, and the usr/bin/js folder has some initial fixes for weather (Yahoo Weather discontinued their API last week.)  The battery fix is just some bad math in the code:

From @sygyzy:

open up /usr/bin/js/mcu.js
look for this line var batteryVoltage = detectedVoltage * 1.25;
and change 1.25 to 1.49

Most of our discussion is happening over on Gitter:


What would be more helpful is if Onion/Oboo open-sourced the firmware so these fixes could be submitted via pull requests.