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Finding IP address of Oboo Clock

Hi, how is everyone finding out the IP address of their clock? The setup directions for the maker clocks say it's defaulted at but I haven't found that to be the case with my Kickstarter version. Normally if this was a typical wifi device, I could look for it in my router but in this case, the Oboo is running it's own wifi that I connect to directly. Is there a hidden configuration menu that will display it's IP?

Or should I allow it to connect to my home network and SSH from there? Thank you.

Edit: The Oboo Clock doesn't identify itself as a network device so there's no way to tell which IP it's using. I narrowed it down and when I tried to SSH to it, I got a connection refused error. I was able to ping it though. Have KS versions been locked out of or is SSH disabled?

Check the log for your DHCP server or the DHCP leases. Oboo will be in there if it got an IP from your network.

I was able to connect to the Oboo's SSID and open with my web browser. (It advertises DNS services as well, so I think from within the Oboo's WiFi network will have the same result.)

I hope they can provide a way to enable sshd for those who want it.

I was able to make it connect to a passphrase-protected SSID, but it wouldn't connect to my open home network.


Thanks, I am trying to connect via SSH, not just the browser.