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Roadmap & Bug Report: Aug 13, 2018


ok I'm startign to think I have the wrong firmware installed

on login I get this:

vxtools353 1$ ssh root@
root@'s password: 
BusyBox v1.25.1 () built-in shell (ash)
    /        /\      _    ___ ___  ___
   /  LE    /  \    | |  | __|   \| __|
  /    DE  /    \   | |__| _|| |) | _|
 /________/  LE  \  |____|___|___/|___|            
 \        \   DE /
  \    LE  \    /  -----------------------------------------------------------
   \  DE    \  /    Reboot (17.01-SNAPSHOT, r3499+2-36866fe)
    \________\/    -----------------------------------------------------------


@ihermit2 ok, that's strange... maybe you can try a factory restore:

firstboot -y; sync; reboot

Just note that you'll lose all configuration data. See our Omega2 factory reset article for more details.

After your Oboo reboots, you'll need to run through the first time setup guide again. Let us know how it goes

This worked the charm did that and the initial setup and the date time thread and everything is good now. with the time and the login banner.


I still have spurious button events and dmesg still shows an ort crash followed by too many cards.

Quote from Zheng Han on July 20, 2018, 9:22 am

List of known Issues

  • (Active) Card processes restarts without clearing existing card on display   [Link]
  • Touch buttons does receive random events [Link]

I'm assuming ort is not opensource so the active card is hard to help with.  Would you like me to do anything to check for a hardware fault causing the random button events?

Firmware Update weekly script always shows update available.

execution with sh -xv shows:

PACKAGE_VER=`opkg info $PACKAGE_NAME | grep Version | sed -e 's/^Version:\s//g'`
+ + grep Version
sed -e s/^Version:\s//g+ 
opkg info oboo-clock-base
+ PACKAGE_VER=0.0.5-1

then later:

DATA=`wget -qO-$MAC`
+ DATA={
"update_available": true,
"mac": "40:a3:6b:c2:51:96",
"package_version": "0.0.1-2",
"package_url": "",
"os_version": "???",
"os_url": "???"




We have not yet fully setup the automatic update process. In the meantime we will announce new software build in the community as they become available (the next one will come very soon) and you can manually update your oboo with this procedure.

I have updated to 0.0.6-1 (thanks!) and generated/modified the config and the new weather card is working, but my clock display will not update unless I gesture.  It does appear to update to the current time when I gesture.


We will work on improving the gesture driver code next. Currently the gesture code tends to block coprocessor operation when an uncertain gesture is detected. As a workaround for now you can cover the gesture sensor with a small sticker and time display will work normal. We hope to get something out soon.

The AM/PM indicator appears to be off by the timezone correction.


The "Day/Night" indicator is designed to show day light period instead of the traditional AM/PM. If enough people think it is confusion we can consider adding a config option to change it to strict AM/PM mode.