Oboo Software Status

Last updated: June 14, 2019

What is up with the software?

Don’t panic! Software development for the Oboo Smart Clock is still on-going and updates are being rolled out on a continuous basis!

Every Oboo is configured to check for software updates on a weekly basis, so all updates that are released will be automatically installed on all Oboo devices in the wild.

Check out the Oboo “How To” guide for details on updating your Oboo’s software.

Ok, so how do things stand now?

What Works ✅

What Doesn’t Work

  • Swipe to control volume
  • Up & down gestures

What’s Been Fixed ✅

  • Software updates not wiping out existing configuration
  • Software update as part of setup process
  • WiFi status icon correctly shows WiFi connection status

What Coming Soon 🛠

  • Display auto-dimming

What’s Coming Later On

  • Mobile App
  • Internet Radio
  • Alexa and Google Home Integration

What does my software version mean?

If you’re wondering how to find the version of software your Oboo is running, check out this guide

Fair question, here are the revisions for each version released so far:

  • 0.0.8-3
    • WiFi Status Icon accuracy fix
    • Card stability improvements – reduced instances of crashing cards by 75%
  • 0.0.8-2
    • Software updates  no longer reset Oboo configuration
    • Web App updates
      • Improved timezone selection
      • Software Update through App
      • Ability to secure Oboo’s WiFi Access Point
  • 0.0.8-1
    • Addition of Calendar Card
    • Stability fix to gracefully handle crashed cards – resolves issue where the Oboo’s display would get stuck on the Oboo logo or on a card that no longer updates
  • 0.0.7-11
    • Oboo Web App can be used to chose which cards are displayed
  • 0.0.7-10
    • Weather Card overhaul
      • Switched to a new weather API that is more reliable and provides more accurate data
      • Redesigned styling and icons
      • The card now automatically cycles through secondary weather info (wind speed, humidity, and pressure)
    • Fix for alarms – now work as configured
    • Fix for battery level indicator
  • 0.0.7-9
    • Fix for internet time sync – will now properly update from the internet
  • 0.0.7-8
    • Addition of System Card
  • 0.0.7-7
    • Better support for playing audio from the filesystem
  • 0.0.7-6
    • Added support for notifications on Oboo info display
  • 0.0.7-5
    • Added support for multi-touch on touchbar
  • 0.0.7-4
    • Better software update process
  •  0.0.7-3
    • Added initial implementation of alarm system
    • Stability fix: resolved race-condition issue in card programs that resulted in frequent crashes
    • Stability fix: Cards that have crashed will be removed from the display
  • 0.0.7-2
    • Adjustment for touchbar button sensitivity